Cooking Tips

A Measurement conversion chart never fails to be of use in any kitchen.

Here's a handy tip for all you vegans and other non-egg-using folk. If you bake with Ener-G Foods' product Egg Replacer (which is mostly potato starch) but find the results less than satisfying, Michael Greger taught us this trick. Mix the Egg Replacer and water as directed on the box, then (here's the trick) beat it vigorously - fast and furious - until it's frothy and foamy. This takes a few minutes of beating it with a fork in the bowl, but noticably improves your vegan baked goods. I keep a copy of this table of other vegan egg relacements on our refrigerator.

For folks trying to reduce the fat in their cooking. If you choose to reduce the amount of oil you fry/sauté with from what the recipe calls for, usually that's fine but you have to keep a closer eye on the food. I usually turn down the heat a notch or two from the setting I would use on a generously oiled pan, stir more frequently, and keep a small cup of water nearby to splash small amounts in if things start sticking to the pan. Using nonstick skillets would probably be a big help, but I don't own any. Also, use the smallest skillet/frying pan that will fit so the oil doesn't get spread too thin.

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